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    I have one. Its reasonably well made. I would have liked it to have been a little bigger. I started out with all the electronics inside the case but it gets too warm in the enclosed space. I have since moved the esc's outside the case and waterproofed them with silicone sealer. Another problem I have is the physical size of the hole in to the enclosure means its hard to get a decent sized battery inside so if I have a go pro in its waterproof housing underneath the quad Im only getting 4-5 minute flights. I have my fpv gear inside the enclosure.
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    Hi dan the concept is not new. Couple of them around. You can fly in the rain but there is still risk of failure and you have to take care of the motors afterwards, ball bearing will also not be happy etc.

    They are fun but i don't really see the point of them. Some land them in the water but, think of landing them in open water with waves landing and taking off again too risky !

    Maybe with a go pro on them in a water proof case it could be fun and get some cool footage !

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    I want to film surfing and I want to be able to recover my multi if there is an issue and it gets dumped in the water.
    My first flight with the aquaquad ended in a flip because of the overheating and I had to swim out to get it back. Got it back to shore, armed it again and it flew fine. It spent 3-4 minutes upside down with the motors underwater in sea water. 1 month later the motors are still fine.
    The wobbly footage at the beginning is mostly due to me messing about with my goggles settings and the fact i hadnt set my cc3d board up very well.

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    I was interested in use it for filming wildlife in the Uk. Is there any other good allweather units around?
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    Not that I know of. Im currently building a home made waterproof hexa, once I have all the parts and start the actual build I will post some photos. Im just waiting for some boom arms to arrive.
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    what are you building the unit made of? how are you building the main body?
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    Hi diverdan,
    I'm surprised you haven't heard of this: www.quadh20.com. It's based out of the UK so it should be easy to get a product from them. They supply complete kits as well as RTF units complete with NAZA and GPS! They claim the units are watertight. From the looks of it their units are pretty robust and even have heat sinks to elevate the heat problems from the watertight enclosure! A kit would cost around £650 and a RTF complete with FPV, NAZA, and GPS could run you about £2500. They currently seem to be out of stock but they are a fairly new company from the looks of it and I was in contact with them to get more information and they were extremely helpful and very willing to help me with any potential orders. I recommend you contact them directly.

    I hope this inspires you and everyone!

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