Vuzix 920 Wrap ski goggles Mod :)

Discussion in 'First Person Video (FPV), On-Screen Display (OSD)' started by zx12rcarl, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. zx12rcarl

    zx12rcarl New Member

    well i seen you lads doing it with fatsharks so i tryed it with some cheap vuzix i got hold of :)
    wen i got the 920 wraps from vuzix i found that the screens are too close together for my eyes... and from what ive seen on the vuzix forum
    im not the only one with this prob..... so ebay for a cheap ski goggles and a hack-saw lol i took them to bits and cut the black plastic in half that holds
    the screens and then made them fit my eyes by making them 5mm apart... some gluein, and put back together and 20minz later and i have something that works better :)
    just need to get out to play now

    best part is they dont weigh anything and they all fit into the goggles :)

    IMG_0286.jpg IMG_0287.jpg IMG_0290.jpg
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  2. Tahoe Ed

    Tahoe Ed New Member


    Thanks for the inspiration. I went out today and bought some ski goggles on sale, end of season you know. I did not cut through the lens but bought some goggles that were meant to be worn over glasses. After I removed the screen unit from the glasses, it just unclips from a mount, I positioned them inside the goggles and used some velcro. I did zip tie the cord to the strap attachment. Now all I have to do is black out the rest of the lens. I may use some electric tape vs painting them. Looks great and functions just as well. The best part is I can revert back to the original set up if I want to.
  3. baker55

    baker55 New Member

    I have the same problem. thanks for this, great idea... Shaun
  4. Tahoe Ed

    Tahoe Ed New Member

    I tried them this morning and they were great! I just taped over the top vents to seal out the balance of the light. Very comfy vs anything else I have tried.
  5. kloner

    kloner Aerial DP

    I wound up stuffing mine into the same exact goggles ed has, made for fitting over glasses. never even tried em this weekend, got stuck to the 22" monitor



    on the fatshark if the lens isn't rubbing your eye lashes, you don't get the periphrial thing going right and gotta look around. kinda nerve racking with all those circuit boards so close to my face though. used black paint on the inside before put it all in, totaly dark
  6. zx12rcarl

    zx12rcarl New Member

    looks brill mate... do you not find you vuzix are to close together for your eyes... plus have you got out and tryed yours yet, i sort of finding it hard to tell how high i am... like flying fpv at what looks like 10 to 15ft when i took goggles off im at like 3 or 4ft lol and having probs with distances
  7. Tahoe Ed

    Tahoe Ed New Member

    I have taken them out. I use Eagle Tree OSD Pro on the Quad side with GPS so I have data regarding altitude, speed and distance from home. I am also using a GoPro for my camera. Where I was flying I had plenty of references for height, fences etc. I have a lot of practicing to do but I am finding it to be really fun and my F450 with the Naza FC is one tough bird and very easy to fly FPV in ATTI mode. With the goggles meant for being worn over glasses the vuzix are at least as far from my eyes as the original glasses.
  8. Elliott000

    Elliott000 New Member

    I am trying to decide on some screens for fpv, whats your final take on these guys... or should i wait for some fatshark dominators to be back in stock
  9. Tahoe Ed

    Tahoe Ed New Member

    What I have works for me and looks like it does for Kloner as well. I can't tell you since I don't own the Dominator. I figure that two sets of FPV goggles is my limit.

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