Tarot Iron Man 1000 - New Build

Discussion in 'Multi Rotor Helicopter General Discussions' started by jhardway, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. jhardway

    jhardway New Member

    For a while I have been debating on moving to a bigger copter so I can have something to accommodate larger payloads and better cameras. I have been thinking about the CS6 and started looking up stuff, when I came across a post talking about this Tarot frame and saying it was a lot like a cs8 to a point of it being called a clone. Looking around on the net I was only finding the frame on sites out side the US. I'm very hesitant to buy something out side the state, Its just the way I am for some reason.

    A week later while on the web while just looking around I was on cnchelicopter.com site and found they had a whole slew of Tarot stuff, one of them being the 1000 frame. I ended up ordering it $429 ( over all I do not owe them anything - other then the I have bought a lot of stuff from them in the past and they have always been consistent).

    So looking it over and forming a game plan on how to build it I decided I would take pictures and start a post like I did on my past f550 conversion build.

    Going forward as I start to assemble the rig I will keep posting on how it's going. I am here to learn, listen, and answer questions if anyone's curious. Over all I do not have a lot of experience with frames of this size but I will say I believe this is the real deal, the CF is cut nice, the center hub come pretty put together, the motor clams are made of aluminum, and it seems to go together very easily. Over all my first impressions are good, I see a few things I may have to deal with going forward but for what I can see it should fine.

    my last note the frame is very solid, strong, and fairly light (should weigh in at 1.6kg). its big, and they are using 25mm tubing for the booms.


    Here are some photos I took earlier of what comes with the kit, Ok I might have added the MN Tiger 4012 motor!!!

    mf_e_DSC_5207.jpg mf_e_hub_DSC_5216.jpg mf_e_MMount_DSC_5204.jpg mf_e_set_DSC_5162.jpg mfe_carbonFiber_DSC_5185.jpg mfe_DSC_5190.jpg mfe_LegsDSC_5181.jpg mi_e_set_DSC_5160.jpg
  2. ChrisViperM

    ChrisViperM New Member

    Looks pretty cool, and the price is ok. Are you going to make a build-thread.....???

  3. jhardway

    jhardway New Member

    Thanks Chris

    Shows you how much I know, I never even noticed the build section on the site, I guess as long as I have been coming here, I do not scroll down to often. A lot more lately though.

    Yes I start a build thread over the next week as I am starting to piece it together, I have everything I need for now except for the time.


  4. ChrisViperM

    ChrisViperM New Member

    Cool....looking forward....wish you a pleasant built without too many hassles

  5. charliehotel

    charliehotel New Member

    I made a login to add that I just bought my Tarot Iron Man 1000 frame and very much look forward to seeing the progress of your build as we do them together.
  6. tom66

    tom66 New Member


    very interresting frames from Tarot, we discuss this since a while in our european forum too, but only about the Iron Man 450.
    What do you think about the quality?
    Have you already finished to complete the copter?

    best, tom
  7. charliehotel

    charliehotel New Member

    Hey Tom, I decided to buy the Arris M1000 instead. I wanted a frame that would support my DJI nazaM, and that's something that would not work on an octo. Cheers
  8. ovdt

    ovdt New Member

    Is there any vibration dampening system on this frame?
  9. Bartman

    Bartman Hot diggity! Staff Member

    are the arms aluminum or carbon fiber?
  10. jhardway

    jhardway New Member

    Answering some questions.


    Quality is good, assembly is very simple, and fast.
    Frame is super strong, if I take two side by side booms and hold it up to my chest and push to each other, I question if I can break or fracture them. I have done that test no with all my strength however plenty to make me satisfied.


    There is no vibration system with the frame, however I believe you could easily adapt a system of choice. Tarot has one coming out, or already out, which will fit with there Magic Rabbit Gimbal which is also coming out over the next few weeks.

    Also If you buy and Cinestar Octo Mount plate you can figure a way to attach it, with the CS vibration Dampers or you can go this route, SeaCraft Vibration mounts $10 each ( the photo is from from http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1842313&page=3)


    I have not finished yet, I am out of town this week for a photos in So FLA but will be back on the horse come Easter Day. I am hoping to see it do its first flight somewhere in the week on the other side of the holiday.

    Last Bartman

    Yes the whole thing is Carbon fiber, weights in a 1.6 kg, .3kg’s heavier then the CS8, I believe the plus .3 is coming from the boom motor mount which are made of aluminum, and when the tighten down the precision their design will not move in any way while not damaging the booms.
  11. jhardway

    jhardway New Member

    Another question came my way from an email, it asked if I got the frame from China ??? no I was able to get it state side from cnchelicopter.com
  12. tom66

    tom66 New Member

    so you got it still from china, but there was cnchelicopter inbetween to make some bucks
  13. rcmike

    rcmike New Member

    But you don't have to wait forever to get it or pay a huge amount for shipping. :)
  14. jhardway

    jhardway New Member


    Ya as business goes that's about right, however I can tell you this when I was originally looking for the frame, I found it on about 3 china websites, the cheapest was 402 and after shipping If I remember right it came out to be something like $440. When I purchased it here it was $429 plus something like $5.49 for shipping, and I had it 3 days later.

    I like the fact it was someone state side, and I have purchased a lot from them in the past and can not complain. So at the end of the day I was happy paying what I did, and had a good experience.
  15. MartinezFelix

    MartinezFelix New Member

    Hey there, I am looking to order the Ironman as well but am curious of what additional parts I will need. Does it come with a power distribution board, or will I need to order that separately?

    Thanks for sharing.
  16. Moon_Wolf

    Moon_Wolf New Member

    Interesting that you had posted this and I saw this on facebook. I am new to multirotor and would love to start somewhere. I am looking at doing FPV and/or aerial videography. I had initially set my eyes on a hexacopter but felt and octocopter would work better and be able to carry a heavier camera. So now I am here on this site and look forward to seeing more on your build.
  17. cbpagent72

    cbpagent72 New Member

    I am pretty excited to see your build thread and hear about the pros and cons of the frame.
  18. weldonassoc

    weldonassoc New Member

  19. koolkiwikat

    koolkiwikat New Member

    I picked up mine from foxtechfpv, including the Tarot 3 axis gimble, Ive configured mine as a X8 for portibility

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