Specifications DJI 2212/920KV

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  1. JDM66

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    I found these specifications on this website about the engine DJI 2212/920KV


    I'm impresses by Amp motor that can cash it [​IMG]

    Do you think this is serious?

    DJI 2212/920KV
    Dimension : 28X24mm
    Rating : 920kv
    Battery :3S,4S Shaft : 8.0mm
    Weight : 56gr (with Prop Adapter)
    Standard Current : 15-25A Max Current : 30A
    Recommended prop : Li-Poly (11.1V) : 10x4.5 Li-Poly (14.7V) : 8X4.5
    Gold connector is included.

  2. goldsworthy

    goldsworthy New Member

    I bought a case of these motors, I really didn't need a whole case but the price was right and having a spar when you need it is better than waiting for the mail. Not 1 of my F450 motors have given me any trouble as of yet. But just like everything from China its only a matter of time
  3. hoggdoc

    hoggdoc New-Bee

    Just curious

    How many is a case, what was the out the door unit price?
  4. gtranquilla

    gtranquilla RadioActive

    "just like everything from China it's just a matter of time"......
    I would say today that some things from China may fail in time just like items from any other country. But since China is a signficant distance..... it is good to stock up.

  5. PeteDee

    PeteDee Mr take no prisoners!

    I would really like to try the DJI motors but can you swap off the prop adapter or are you stuff with using keyed props?


  6. gtranquilla

    gtranquilla RadioActive

    I use the Grauper 9 inch props and just reamed out the center hole of the props to accomodate the OD of the keyed slot.
    Proper centering will occur once the washer and nut are tightened down on the prop but don't go oversize on the reaming.

  7. hoggdoc

    hoggdoc New-Bee

    How many motors were in the case, and can you share where you got them and pricing?

  8. hoggdoc

    hoggdoc New-Bee

    Does anyone know off hand how many poles the DJI 2212-920 motors have, I'm trying to calibrate my RPM sensor.
  9. etegration

    etegration New Member

    he's either bulls.h.iting or it's just a matter of speech.
  10. mathzie2nd

    mathzie2nd New Member

    i just want to ask about spec dji motor 2212 920kv
    anybody here how to know the armature resistance this motor ?
    i need the armature resistance for my research. thx buddy :)
  11. FlyingDutchman

    FlyingDutchman New Member

    I am trying to confirm if M6 FLANGED NYLOc NUTS, DIN 6926 YP size will fit the 8mm shaft of the DJI 2212 Motor ??? Would the tread match the shaft tread??

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