Small X8 build - 3d Printing Parts

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  1. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    Hi Guys,

    got a 3d printer Friday and super happy that i made the decision to get one. I am in the process of desiging a smal X8 bird for gopro nex 7 etc.

    Key features:

    Wire rope vibration mounts:
    Plug and play Arms:
    Gimbal quick release etc.

    Components i will be deciding on the way.

    More important at the moment is to get the design of the frame going and to pre printer everything once to check out if everything is working the way it should be.

    Centerplate design about 170x170

    X8smallbottom plate.jpg X8smalltop.jpg

    sliced center plate for 3d printing now.

    functional parts for the vibrations units.

    think it going to be a fun ride :)

  2. PaNt

    PaNt New Member

    Great...!! it will be very interested..!!! Good luck with this great situation :) :)
  3. Breezemont

    Breezemont New Member


    What slicer are you using?
  4. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    the built in one from ultimaker cura software / not sure which one it is ! tried netfabb but there were issues printing. At the moment i just want to print in the next couple days i will start modding the printer and reading into the differnt FWs and slicer in depth
  5. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    i must say i am amazed that some parts are really robust and can be used in a functional way for sure. the ability choose the density of the components also makes them light enough ! Think that just the first printer of several to follow :)
  6. BorisS

    BorisS New Member


    centerplate printing :)
  7. kloner

    kloner Aerial DP

    That's awesome. I run a sign shop and my software runs one of these. I'm sure ones in my future. Was into large scale Rc helis, spent enough on little nick nacs I shoulda bought the printer.

    The modern printers definitely added functionality to the parts they spit out
  8. redridinghood

    redridinghood New Member

    Great job Boris :) It seems you need to tighten those belts ;-) Cura is the way to go.
  9. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    @ kloner its definitely the way to go.

    @ Red japp I know. I will start with the mods soon. Already have a list of mods heated bed belt tighten thingi, extra fan etc.

    This stuff is really cool !

    check it out at 3:10 and check one more arround 4:40 were he give it a straight test !

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  10. matwelli

    matwelli Blogging Enabled

    i wonder if that is the same as the "impact modified" PLA i buy over here - resists snapping, you can tie the filament in a knot - but prints like a bitch compared to normal PLA

    I have to heat the bed to 70, print 1 layer, then turn on the cooling air (if the bed isnt at 70, it lifts off) the next two layers are a bit droopy from the heat, then it comes right, but you can see droops even further up if you dont have enough cooling air, hot end at 180 for the whole print

    saying all that, its still great stuff :)
  11. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    Hi Mat,

    the guy in the video prints without a heat bed, so if yours definitely needs the heated bed i would guess its different stuff. Going to order some and i will report back !

  12. tstrike

    tstrike pendejo grande

    Boris, this is truly amazing to the casual observer, the fact that in a couple of weeks you've gone from idea to production all in the comfort of your own home. This stuff turns traditional manufacturing on its head.
  13. kloner

    kloner Aerial DP

    it's a small part and prototype machine

    last night on the news, they showed 3d printed clothing. You download a file and print your shirt to wear tonight. This was a long time coming to where it actualy worked. We messed with a small crappy roland printer back in the 90's, forget it's name but it was a pile of crap compared to what i've been getting from shapeways
  14. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    printing done, vibration mounts boom clmaps and top bottom plate. I must say though printing the plates is a drag 4 to 5 hours, Think i am better off bringing it to the laser cutter guy 5 min away from my house and get it cut out of wood:

    all printed in quick and dirty, certainly better quality possible !

  15. kloner

    kloner Aerial DP

    is there any engineered ribbing on the plates or are they flat? i can't see it very well. it has alot of ways your able to make stuff that no other manufacturing is affordable. them clamps are nice. the frame plates would be dope with a raised strengthener down to the center.....

    are you able to import .dxf files? what software are yo using to talk to it? is it a windows based driver or an app based driver thats sending the code to it? does it spool so the pc isn't rendered useless till the code is sent?
  16. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    you can get the plates fairly smooth I stopped the print because i could deal anymore time wise and knowing i will not use them i just need them for a prestinstallation and looking if things fit. For plates in general the PLA extrusion dosent make any sense. The strength is more in shapes that have more volume. The nice side will be the side surfaces. Quality can be increased on the bottom side though if you install a heated bed.

    DXF file scan not be imported directly, as of the 3d printing programs that i came across. They need STL oder OBJ files thus based on a MESH.

    I use 3dRihno draw everything in NURBS and than create a mesh export in STL and feed the 3d printer program calles CURA, than i have the option of setting speed thickness of line etc etc etc. Cura slices up the object and creates a (think its called gcode file) which i can feed to the printer via USB or play on a SD-card and stick it into the printer. With a little LCD display I can than choose the file from the SD card. I dont think there is any driver involved just plain data sending to the Ultimaker. I could be wrong though. It certinaly is not a Windows based driver, only one need is for the USB interface.

  17. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    I am doing a high quality print as we are speaking. I will show some pictures. Is a part i will actually be using in the x8. Attachement part landdingear to the centerplates.

  18. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    okay did a shape for the sides of the bird. Quality wise that something I would stick on my copters. Eventually its gonna look better once i am using black !

    P1000170.jpg P1000169.jpg P1000168.jpg
  19. kloner

    kloner Aerial DP

    that's awesome. Can it print super soft things like vibe dampners or is it all a hard plastic? be sweet to suspend things from a super tiny area but have a wide base and total control of it all. silicone an option?
  20. BorisS

    BorisS New Member

    hmmm silicon i wouldnt know but dont think so. but the PLA and the ABS comes with different characteristics, check the video on this post

    look at the times i posted there is the most interesting stuff. I will use the flexible PLA to make ESCs pouches, for under the props. Excatly diemenstioned to my ESCs keeping the parts free that have to be cool and at the same time the material is dampening the ESCs.


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