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Recommended battery and Naza voltage settings

Discussion in 'DJI NAZA flight control system' started by Malinois1, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Malinois1

    Malinois1 New Member

    Jan 2, 2013
    Question for any F550 pilots: what battery do you recommend for 10+min of flight carrying a gopro. Also for all Naza users what are your voltage settings for 3s 11.1 v? Seems like the minute I lift off with my F450 the red light comes on. In Naza assistant I'm showing the following:
    Firs level:
    No load: 11. 10 loss: 0.70v = Loaded 10.40 v
    2nd level:
    No load: 11.10 loss: 0.70v = loaded 10.40v
  2. Benchmark

    Benchmark New Member

    Dec 4, 2012
    As we all know lipos should not be discharged less than 3.3 v per cell.
    First redo your battery calibration. How to do this is explained in your manual.
    Calculate your 'loss' which is essentially how many volts dissapear from the battery reading when you have your motors on, make sure they are not more than 0.7 volts if that is what you are using for your loss.
    This is my setting which works for me and my batteries are never under 3. 7 volts each when i unplug them from the craft.
    11.55- 0.70 =10.85 first level protection red light activates and i begin to come back to land at 3.62 volts per cell under load and 3.85v per cell without load
    11.10-0.70=10.40 2nd level protection- it lands where it is - 3.47 per cell under load and 3.7 without load.

    I never allow it to get to second level protection.
  3. 02deuce

    02deuce Time Warped

    Sep 27, 2012
    I'm using both 4800 & 5000 mAh 4S packs. Never been a fan of low voltage protection systems (one less thing to go wrong). My personal preference is to us the timer on my TX. I set my TX timer to were I'm discharging 70 -75% of by batteries.

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