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Quadcopter Antenna Layout

Discussion in 'Hoverfly Forum' started by Ron2020, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Ron2020

    Ron2020 Member

    Apr 20, 2012
    With regard to mounting receivers and transmitter antennas as far from each other as possible...
    Assuming I want to build a '+' quadcopter, and i have:

    HoverflyPro & HoverflyGPS,
    900 MHz video transmitter,
    Spektrum DX8,

    would i tie the antennas parallel along each boom, as in the picture?
    Do i need to place any of these antennas perpendicular to the booms?

    BTW, 'Motor-to-Motor Spacing' (from the Hoverflypro Hardware Equipment Spreadsheet) refers to the distance from the motor on one end of the boom to the motor on the other end of the same boom, right? Not the distance from the motor at the 12:00 o'clock position to the motor at the 3:00 o'clock position, right?

    What is the ideal range for the length of a boom?


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  2. BorisS

    BorisS Active Member

    May 16, 2011
    Austria, Vienna
    Hi Ron,

    in general there is nothing wrong with your approach and separating the antennas manly concerning your VTX. Placement strongly depends though what kind of antennas you are planning to use and what material you Quad will be made off.

  3. Ron2020

    Ron2020 Member

    Apr 20, 2012
    Hi Boris,

    This is interesting. I was planning on using the stock antennas that came with the devices -

    standard 900 MHz whip antenna for video transmitter,
    standard thin wire antenna for Spektrum radio receiver AR8000,
    standard antenna that comes with the GPS module for the HoverflyGPS board.

    Since this is my first quadcopter, I will be following the Hoverfly's video tutorial and will assemble the frame from aluminum.

    Will anything from this combination be troublesome?


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