Quad X8 design guidlines????

Discussion in 'Multi-Rotor Build Threads' started by David Lee, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. David Lee

    David Lee New Member

    Hello all,

    Are there any guidelines for building a quad/X8? Specifically boom angles and whether or not the motors must be placed in a perfectly symmetrical manner. Or will a good flight controller compensate for a non-symmetrical design?

    Right now (if I stick with the tentative design) the boom tip to boom tip distance, across the center, is 36 inches (about 915mm.) The distance from boom tip to boom tip, not across the center, is about 26 inches (about 660mm.)

    The frame, a dog bone shape, and booms are designed/assembled to fold onto each other for portability and quick deployment. I’ve not yet decided on motors, props or ESCs but will welcome any suggestions. I’m thinking of using the XAircraft SuperX Pro flight controller. Again, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

    It’s going to be used for photography and video, since I’m not sure what this multi-rotor will lift, I’m not going commit to a specific camera/gimbal set up, just yet. Although I’m hoping it will haul at least a Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera, a Sony RX100 or better.


    Thanks in advance,
  2. Emowillcox

    Emowillcox New Member

    I have heard if your gonna run 8 motors then it needs to be x with motor same space apart. Someone tried XY lay out with front arms further apart and the super x did not fly smooth. I originally planned to do a XY layout on a steady drone frame u til I heard this. I have my super x on a x quad frame and it works great.
  3. David Lee

    David Lee New Member

    Thanks Emowillcox, this is my first scratch build and I'm just trying to eliminate numerous rebuilds. How large is your quad?
  4. multirotorxy8

    multirotorxy8 New Member

    I have one of Bart's XY8's and just built a larger one using a cinestar 6 center plate. Flies great with mikrokopter. If you haven't purchased the super x I would consider an mk stack. Some great deals pop up on here and rcgroups.
  5. David Lee

    David Lee New Member

    Multirotorxy8, thanks! Do you have a link to Bart's site?
  6. David Lee

    David Lee New Member

  7. StillHappy

    StillHappy New Member

    Sounds like a large TBS Discovery in coaxial configuration. Coaxial is not very efficient though.
  8. multirotorxy8

    multirotorxy8 New Member

    That is the site of the primary US mikrokopter retailer. I am not sure if bart has a site. He goes by the username Bartman here and runs this site (multirotorforums.com).
  9. airship

    airship New Member

  10. Emowillcox

    Emowillcox New Member

    I also use one of Bart's set ups. Super nice xy8 but using hover fly fc. My super x is on a quad frame.
    MK is nice but much more complicated. The mk set up I had didn't seem to like the heat so we switched it out for hover fly
  11. multirotorxy8

    multirotorxy8 New Member

    What improvements have you seen heat-wise by switching to HF? I work in some pretty intense heat, so I'm all for the best FC heat-wise. Thanks!

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