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**Phantom Auxiliary Power & Good Luck Buy Gimbal-Caution****

Discussion in 'DJI General Discussions Forum' started by CameraGuy, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. CameraGuy

    CameraGuy Guest


    The video says it all, but today, after returning my DJI Phantom back to the original radio set up, I took my Phantom for a flight, only to have it behave badly again, and it ended up having a fire because there was an issue with the power.

    I am open to opinions and comments, but my opinion is the power draw from the Good Luck Gimbal is too great on the Phantom, which has been causing my issues. Today, it finally couldn't handle it any more, and overheated, and burst into flames.

    Too bad really. Now, I need to see if it fried anything else in the unit, or if I cut the power cable off, will it be clean enough to fly again. Otherwise, I guess I will buy a DJI F450 or 550 kit, and transplant my NAZA to it.

    Frustrating. This thing worked well until about a month ago.


    Burned-out-AUX-power-2-small.jpg Burned-out-AUX-power-small.jpg

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