Naza and SBUS/D-Bus

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    Apr 5, 2012
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    I fly my Naza with a Spektrum DX7s and recently purchased an Orange R710 receiver from HobbyKing to use with it. I noticed that the receiver had an output for SBUS, so thinking that might be nice, I hooked it up to the X2, SBUS/D-Bus input. In the Assistant I chose D-Bus and sure enough I had super-smooth, rock-steady signals from my transmitter into the Naza. It looked fantastic (especially compared to the jitters I always see using standard PWM). The only problem was that the channels were all assigned wrong.

    Does anyone know how to reassign the D-Bus channels in Naza?

    I'm pretty sure I can't change channel assignments with the DX7s and although the instruction manual for the receiver is extremely difficult to understand, I don't think it can change channels either. (I'm not 100% convinced of that).


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