Hoverfly Pro vs. Naza V2 - one pilot's opinion

Discussion in 'Multi Rotor Helicopter General Discussions' started by Benjamin Rowland, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Benjamin Rowland

    Benjamin Rowland New Member

    For a long time I've flown Hoverfly Pro exclusively. With around 3,000 flights on this board, I'm confident in it's capabilities and reliability. In short, it flies awesome every time.

    I far prefer to fly in manual mode - we feel like we get the best shots this way (probably because it's what I'm use to). Over 90% of the flights we do are in manual mode. Autoleveling mode is smooth too and is there for the rare times that I need it. Both modes tolerate windy conditions really well.

    Recently I had a chance to try the Naza V2 (without GPS). It's a tidy setup with nice software. I got it dialed in and used it for a few days on a recent project. Overall, a nice product but I found the flight characteristics to be a bit robotic in autoleveling mode and a bit squirrely in manual mode. I just didn't have that sense of being directly in control like the Hoverfly. So I didn't get quite as much precision as I'm use to. I'm not saying the Naza is bad, it's a good flight controller - it just doesn't fly as well as a Hoverfly Pro. So we're sticking with the Hoverfly Pro and glad to do so.

    Note: I've always payed full price for my Hoverfly gear (just bought another board), so I haven't received any compensation for the statements above. Just sharing my experience.
  2. Benjamin Rowland

    Benjamin Rowland New Member

    We have a SuperX now as well. Need to spend some more time with it before I can directly compare it, but first impressions are good. We will see how it stands up to the HFP.
  3. tahoelight

    tahoelight New Member

    We are in the same track. I still fly HFP and almost always use manual mode. It feels like a mix between NAza manual and Atti modes but defiantly with a more connected feel to the stick. Push the throttle up and the HFP climbs, lower and it lowers. The whole center stick automatic Auto height it strange to get used to. The Naza has not gotten much flight time.

    I've had the SuperX for about a month and have been having a blast with it flying FPV as a quad with a gopro. I am super impressed so far. I can't make a comparison to HFP until I upgrade and mount it to an Octa. I will soon though and definitely give a review.
  4. Stacky

    Stacky New Member

    Looks like there are a few of us trying the super x
  5. Efliernz

    Efliernz Pete

    Have you been shopping Stacky???
  6. Stacky

    Stacky New Member

    No but after xmas will probably buy one depending on how the others find them.
    I just need something smaller and reliable for the waterproof hexa.

    The OP boards and the KK boards and Naza just arent reliable enough for me.

  7. jfro

    jfro Imagination

    Disclaimer, this is my first year year flying and first 2 builds, so my perspective not the same as a seasoned pilot.....

    I put the HFP on a 12lb xy8 and learned to fly. It was a slow process building, tweaking, and learning to fly. Found the HFP to be very stable and it was really up to the pilot to work it's magic. Was blown away by the quality of my gh2 and gh3 video on my HFP based xy8.

    While being in limbo on an FC problem for a bit mid summer, I decided to build a 450 quad with discovery type motors and put the Naza V2 on it. Idea came from a post Droider made about how much fun he had flying a 450 size quads instead of the bigger rigs sometimes. Thank you Droider!

    I got dialed in pretty quickly and was amazed at how much more controlled flight time I got in. While the gopro3 is no gh3 or gh2, except for exposure, its decent and I got to get a feel for different moves and been having a blast learning to fly and with less stress on my Naza based quad. It's not much in the wind, but a 3rd axis would probably solve that issue. Doesn't hurt that I have enough batteries from the xy8 to fly the quad for almost 2 hours on 8 batteries.

    I tried the Naza on my xy8 and didn't like it. So that was a short failed experiment IMO.

    I'm now tuning and tweaking my xy8 as a x8 and trying the XAircraft FC. So far, the flying experience is more like my quad naza in terms of stress free flying. First weekend, without gimbal, I flew 8 short 4 minute flights in 20-35mph wind with higher gusts. Never felt out of control.

    I've just built a new/ heavier camera gimbal and am in the process of changing bearings on 5 of my 8 motors, so haven't had a lot of camera time on x8 with the XAircraft. However, I'm pretty sure that will stay on the x8 instead of putting back the HFP. I'll hang onto the HFP for a while in case they add some features, but IMO, the ATT and GPS flying certainly makes this easier & less stressful for someone such as myself., ie, a rookie who is learning to fly and build multirotors.

    Ben, thanks for sharing, always enjoy the opinions of those who make such fine flying films.
  8. IrisAerial

    IrisAerial The Village Idiot

    the hoverfly pro on the xy8 is so far the best of anything I've ever flown. I really have no need to change it. As good as the superX sounds, I still want to see if it lasts. It's one thing to work well when new, but if the same thing happens as did to my older Xaircraft FC, I'm not getting one. Basically it worked well until one day it just crapped out mid air. It was an actual hardware failure. after a few DJI FC's I have had similar issues arise where hardware has broken from the soldering pads from either un plugging the usb or just a weak contact leading to erratic flight. This is where I feel the HFP is better than anything out there, less the fact it doesnt have an enclosure! But there is something to be said for being able to fly the same equipment without the immediate worry of when it will fail and quite honestly I feel that anything that comes out of China is doomed to be the poorest of quality and have the least QC. But maybe I am wrong and this one was made by newer better manufacturing standards and tested to certain specs which would prevent hardware failure.
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  9. XAircraft America

    XAircraft America New Member

    We have a new firmware 1.08 out for the SuperX. It now flies smoother than ever and now features a RTH that works with or without the compass, so no more worrying about magnetic interference. For those of you that have the SuperX, full instructions can be found here. The upgrade makes a noticeable difference in flight characteristics, especially in manual mode:

  10. My first two boards were xaircraft, the first being x500D and the second X600D. The integral 4 in one esc board was brilliant for it's time. The PID loop tuning was a pain and it flew poorly in wind. Was wondering how the SuperX handles in wind compared to say, HFP and NAZA M ver2.

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