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FAQ for Naza M 3.10 Firmware

Discussion in 'DJI NAZA flight control system' started by DJI Innovations, May 7, 2013.

  1. DJI Innovations

    DJI Innovations Member

    Aug 17, 2011
    FAQ for Naza M 3.10 Firmware [HR][/HR]

    1. LED flashing pattern modified and added. Please refer to the latest user manual. Download here: http://www.dji-innovations.com/downl...-v2-downloads/

    2. Center position of the Tx will not recorded in system initialization. Please calibrate your Tx after firmware upgrade. Some users moved the Tx stick while powering up the system, which would sent a false Center position to MC and cause bad flight performance such as flip over when taking off. This new firmware will not record center position any more.
    Possible problem you may encounter: Tx travel range not symmetrical, causing mechanical stick center unmatch Tx signal center. Tx Trim/Calibration would be required.

    3. Motor won’t arm in below situation (Refer to user manual for LED status indicator)
    a. System self-check failure.
    b. Advanced calibration required
    c. System warming-up (4 yellow flash, wait another 20s when it's finished to achieve the best performance)
    d. Sensor Bias error (6 green flash when you arm)

    4. GPS mode not available in below situation
    a. GPS/Compass module not connected.
    b. GPS/Compass interference.

    5. Course Lock in IOC does not function in below situation:
    a. GPS/Compass module not connected.
    b. GPS/Compass interference.
    c. X2 is used for Remote gain adjustment

    6. Suggestions on IMU Calibration
    a. Advanced calibration and Basic calibration are added to solve drifting issue during hovering.
    b. Highly suggested to perform Advanced calibration when system cold start, which takes less time and more effective.
    c. Perform Advanced calibration on time (Monthly) and Basic calibration at intervals to clean the error.

    7. New style when taking off
    Taking off is different. Motors will stay in idle under 50% throttle when you arm. Raise the throttle stick over center then hold, the copter will take off by itself. Once you bring it back to center, throttle will respond normally.

    Please calibrate your Tx, GPS/Compass and perform Advance IMU calibration after firmware upgrade.
  2. larryfl1

    larryfl1 New Member

    Sep 22, 2012
    i upgraded..did the advanced callibration and calibrated tx...

    my motors wont start up no matter what i do or try...

    not sure what to do at this point

  3. maxwelltub

    maxwelltub Active Member

    Jun 25, 2012
    Try waiting a minute, this happened to me as well. Waited about minute and it started working. I reinstalled the firmware and now the problem is gone.

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