DJI 450 arm vibrations

Discussion in 'DJI NAZA flight control system' started by elisofix, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. elisofix

    elisofix New Member

    Hello everbody!
    I start a new project with my f450 and i mount gimbal for compact camera!
    The AUW is 2200gr!!!!When I hover the arm vibrate a lot!!!Any explanation?
    before the new project the AUW was 1900gr and it was very stable.With the new interconnection f450 frame and Gimbal with dampers the dji frame is very flexy!!!!
  2. OneStopRC

    OneStopRC Dirty Little Hucker

    Check your props are balanced and you have no bent shafts on the motors, also check all screws on the motors and arms to body are tight.

    More than likely your props are out of balance.
  3. elisofix

    elisofix New Member

    The frame of the f450/motors/props is the same before the gimbal and that weight and I didn't have any vibration!
  4. mrbonk

    mrbonk New Member

    Did you work out where your vibes are coming from? Are you using the standard props that came with the kit? Maybe the extra weight is making them work too hard and they're flexing/cavitating? Even after balancing the standard props in our F450 kit, we still had vibes. We put a set of balanced APC props on and it was instantly much better. Also, don't underestimate how much vibration you can end up with from the motors at particular frequencies. If you've added weight, the motors will be turning faster than before to compensate for it.
  5. OneStopRC

    OneStopRC Dirty Little Hucker

    Adding a Gimbal adds to the weight, the more weight, the more your props will spin to keep the 450 aloft. The faster they spin, the more apparent the vibrations will be. Think how your car wheels work, you drive at 50 mph and you have no vibration, you go 60 mph and your steering starts to shudder on you. Cause.... one or more wheels are not in balance.

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