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Discussion in 'DJI NAZA flight control system' started by Ryanebraska, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Ryanebraska

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    I just finished all of the soldering and connecting of wires on my new F450 with Naza M V2. I have a Devo 10 controller which I used on my old F450 with Naza M V1. When I first plug into Naza assistant, I get a CFG Error: "Configuration error, this may cause by firmware upgrade from old version.or abnormal Tx calibration. Re-calibrate your transmitter,and power cycle your controller and check all of the parameters." Then when I turn on the Tx, I get this Error[29]: "Motors Start failure caused by TX stick(s) mid point error too bigIf the TX stick(s) mid point error is too big, Motors Start will fail when you execute the Combination Stick Commands (CSC) and lead to the aircraft will not takeoff.. And the LED will blink Red four times per second continually to warn you.
    TX stick(s) mid point error too big can be caused by the following reasons:
    (1) There is TX stick (except the throttle stick) not at center when power on the autopilot system.
    (2) The TX sticks has been trimmed, which leads to the large deviation of mid point. For example, the SUB-TRIM has been adjusted for Futaba transmitter.
    (3) The TX stick(s) travel has larger asymmetry.
    For the reason (1), please put all TX sticks at the mid point, and then power cycle the autopilot system to re-record the mid point. If the problem continues, that can be caused by the reason (2) or reason (3), you need to adjust the output range of your TX, and then use the Assistant Software to redo the TX calibration. Please carry out the following procedures.
    (1) Connect to the Assistant software, click Basic-> R/C-> Command Sticks Calibration, and push all TX sticks throughout their complete travel range to see if any stick cannot reach its largest position.
    (2) Adjust the largest travel of TX stick until the cursor on the Assistant software can reach both end positions, according to your TX manual.
    (3) Power cycle the autopilot system, note that power cycle is required.
    (4) Redo the TX calibration according to the Assistant software."

    I cannot find any problems anywhere. When I try to calibrate the sticks, I cannot get the Aileron slider to move in either direction as it is stuck in the middle. I have switched stick modes on the Tx to see if the issue was a bad connection in the controller but no matter what stick or direction I have programmed, the Aileron slider will not move left or right. It is very frustrating since the stuff is brand new but I am not sure if I am just missing something when it comes to binding the controller, or what the real issue is. I need some help. Thanks all!
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    I though ailerons were what plankers use to roll their planks.

    Don't have any Tx trims set when you set your calibration and make sure when you finish they are all centered before moving on. If they don't center with the sticks in the middle reboot the assistant. if that doesn't work then check the Rx with a servo on each channel.
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  3. Ryanebraska

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    Just tried testing with a servo. Each channel works when, even the Aileron. Does this mean I have a problem with the Naza box or assistant?
  4. PeteDee

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    Maybe, did you check that the lead was not plugged in incorrectly or is faulty?

  5. Ryanebraska

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    Turns out it was a faulty NAZA. Got a new one today and it works like a champ.
  6. FlyGirl

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    Good deal Ryan! Hope you didn't get too much snow in this storm so you can go fly :)

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